ABOUT New in Every Way

Celia Willard Milslagle

Celia Willard Milslagle

Welcome to New in Every Way. I will introduce myself shortly, but first let me describe my blog. It is inspired by a world-changer and life-saver. Because of him, an impulsive fisherman became a strong leader, a crooked businessman  began sharing his wealth, and a condemned adultress got a second chance at life.

This life-saver, Jesus Christ, transforms people. He gives them a new self, a new purpose, and a new family. He gives them a life that is new in every way.

Many of his followers—not understanding the radical possibilities of this new life—continue living pretty much the same as before.

  • They believe God has forgiven them, but they still feel bad about themselves.
  • They want to be the kind of person they read about in the Bible, but—after a few failures—conclude they’re not cut out for it.
  • They know God has made them his son or daughter, but they don’t feel all that close to him.

These roadblocks to a full life in Christ are so unnecessary! They can be removed. That is the whole purpose of this blog.


THE POSTS in this blog are grouped into the following categories:

  • On Eagles’ Wings – how to soar, instead of plod, through life. My first blog post: “Born for the Sky” is the kick-off for these posts.
  • Panning for Gold – insights that pop out at me as I dig for the meaning of a Bible verse or passage.
  • Characters Worth Knowing – what we can learn from larger-than-life characters like Abraham, in the Bible; or St. Ignatius, in 16th-century Spain; or Martin Luther King Jr., in modern-day United States.
  • Guess What I Found – random bits of inspiring information, with a chance for you to guess . . .
  • Holiday Echoes – thoughts inspired by seasonal events and holidays
  • Random Stuff –links, quotes, announcements, and more


ABOUT ME and How I Began Writing

Celia with younger siblings - Dominican Repubic

Celia with younger siblings – Dominican Republic

My first home was in the Dominican Republic on an island in the Caribbean Sea. When I was thirteen, my missionary family left the tropics and settled in the desert of Southern Arizona on the Mexican border, just in time for me to attend high school in the United States. After my college years in sprawling Los Angeles and small-town Greenville, Illinois, I taught high school math and science for two years before marrying and becoming a stay-at-home mom. When our son reached second grade, I returned to the classroom for 29 years, teaching a variety of classes, mostly in junior high. For almost six years, I cared for my father and partnered with him in writing ventures. In 2012, I moved to the scenic Bluegrass country of Kentucky and now live right down the road from my awesome son and daughter-in-law and two amazing teenage grandchildren.

A teacher at heart, I enjoy learning about and teaching a wide range of subjects. My greatest joy is sharing insights and skills that improve the quality of peoples’ lives. As a public school teacher, that included making math less mysterious and instilling wisdom in young people through health and life skills classes. As a writer, I am particularly passionate about sharing the news that Christ can cause any life—such as mine, blighted for years after the loss of my mother at age four—to become new in every way.


Celia and father, F. Burleigh Willard, at a book signing

Several years ago, I took night classes at Midwest Bible School in Lincoln, Illinois, and discovered that I loved journaling about God’s Word. Ideas for books and articles began populating my brain and spilling over into several folders. My first serious writing venture was co-authoring a devotional book, Streams of Living Water with my father who had come to live me after being widowed for the second time. I served as business manager for his next four books while writing a curriculum for my church nursery.

Then began a two-year adventure of creating articles, stories, and book outlines as part of a course with Christian Writers Guild. . . . Fast-forward to today. I am writing a two-novel series, The Call and The Kingdom and expanding my blogging. I expect that many of these blog posts will eventually find their way into books and articles.



A Douglas fir tufted with snow

Flower gardens. I could live in one.

White-water rafting near Gatlinburg,Tennesee

Camping in the Colorado Rockies

Topping a hill on a galloping horse and charging down the other side


People who get excited about life

Splitting an appetizer with a friend after Wednesday night church

Conversations that turn into life-changing moments

Finding a lover of history, literature, and philosophy

Creative ways of looking at life


Historical, allegorical, and romance novels and movies

Computer applications—when I learn how to use them! LOL


Visiting my far-flung family in places like Denver, Colorado, and Chicago

Enjoying my son’s enthusiastic description of his latest business venture

Experiencing the joy my daughter-in-law creates wherever she goes

Marveling at my granddaughter’s singing. How does such a rich, powerful voice come from such a slender person?

Watching my grandson’s casual wind-up turn into a strike-the-batter-out pitch


When God speaks to me

When someone I’ve prayed for receives a ’way greater answer than I expected.

Christian conferences where I get lost in the presence of God and come home having found myself again


Writing. It makes me come alive.