Rocket Science

At a recent Women’s Bible Study meeting, Kelli and Kathy, a young woman and her mother, shared a song written by Kelli’s grandma. The song told the story of a time that she left the house to run errands and returned to find the door locked – and her house key apparently locked inside. So, she asked the Lord to unlock her door for her. When she turned the knob again, the door opened!

Some people say, “It’s easy for simple people to have child-like faith.” The implication seems to be that intelligent, self-reliant people can figure out how to handle a situation like this. Only people who don’t have a clue what to do (for something as simple as this) actually turn to God.

The fact of the matter is, most “intelligent and self-reliant” people don’t have this level of faith in God, and Kelli’s grandma did. So, she was not “simple” in her understanding of God and supernatural things. She was a rocket scientist  in the area of supernatural living.

One day I shared with a group of sixth-graders this Bible verse: “The statutes of the Lord are trustworthy, making wise the simple” (Psalm 19:7 NIV). A boy in the back of the room looked wistful and uncertain. I recognized his dilemma. He was a very intelligent boy and wasn’t sure this promise was for him. So, I said, “And God’s laws make wise people even wiser.” Relief flooded the boy’s face.

We can be mature in natural matters and spiritual matters. That’s when we really become rocket scientists.

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